Thu, 25 Aug 1994

Use `Bahasa', says Governor

The public should avoid the use of foreign words which already have their Indonesian counterparts, Governor Surjadi Soedirdja said.

"The use of good and correct Indonesian language will strengthen national unity and reinforce our cultural personality," Surjadi said, in a written speech read by Deputy Governor Social Welfare Museno during the opening of a short course on the use of good and correct language for city officials at City Hall on Tuesday.

Surjadi was apparently referring to a large number of billboards and notice boards using foreign words across the city.

The city administration signed a cooperation agreement with the Indonesian Language Development Center in 1989 in order to promote the use of good and correct Indonesian among city officials.

In 1992, the city administration issued a Gubernatorial Decree requiring the public to use Indonesian language on billboards, banners and notice boards in public places. (arf)