Thu, 27 May 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: US Trade Minister Gary Locke told reporters in Jakarta day that the US government is currently venturing different types of alternative energy projects powered by renewable sources like the solar and wind.

In the second day of his visit in Indonesia, Locke said his counrtry is also seeking similar cooperation with China, Hong Kong and other states.

He said he learned about Indonesia's plan to supply a third of the world's electricity demand before 2020, which by then estimated would double the world's current power demand.

To cover the demand he said, the world need to build new plant(s) equivalent of 1,000 megawatt capacity every week during the next 30 year but the world can not rely on the conventional energy sources to meet such demand and need to find environmentally friendlier and renewable sources.

Locke did not went into detail on the figures about investment plans in Indonesia to be shared between, among others, Capstone Turbine Corporation, Echelon Corporation, Emerson Electric, General Electric Company, Lockheed Martin Global, Oshkosh Corporation, Peabody Energy, Pratt and Whitney Power System, and Prime Engineering.