Sat, 21 Feb 2004

UPN alumnus becomes professor

YOGYAKARTA: Pembangunan Nasional University (UPN), a university owned by the Ministry of Defense, will inaugurate on Saturday Conradus Danisworo, an alumnus of the university's geological technology school.

University rector Supranto said Danisworo, who currently lectures at the university, was the first graduate of the school and first UPN alumnus to become a professor at the campus.

"That's why we feel he deserves special treatment for the inauguration ceremony, hoping that it will encourage others to struggle for the same achievement," Supranto said.

Born in Yogyakarta on Feb. 19, 1948, Danisworo obtained his post-graduate and doctoral degrees from Vrije Universiteit Belgium, under a UNESCO scholarship. He was the first Indonesian to graduate from the Belgium university. -- JP