Tue, 19 Feb 2002

Unprofessional service

On Jan. 26, I took my mobile phone which had stopped working -- instead heating up on the side and back panel when I tried to use it -- to be examined and repaired in the Global Teleshop Service Center in Wisma Perkasa, South Jakarta.

I purchased the phone, an Ericsson R310sc, brand new on Jan. 3 so, without question, it fell under the one-year warranty.

The young woman who took my complaint told me that it would be fully repaired by Jan. 30, and advised me to give them a call first before picking it up.

So I did, on Jan. 31, only to be told that it had not yet been repaired; I was advised to call the next day after 12 p.m.

I gave them a longer time to finish the job, so I showed up in the store again this time on Feb. 4 hoping that, finally, my mobile phone would be ready for use again.

No such luck: it would be at least another month, I was told, to fix the phone.

They would swap it, or change the whole hardware and module inside, or whatever their reason is.

What seemed illogical was that the process would take at least a month -- talk about incompetence and poor management.

If they didn't have the necessary parts, they could have had them delivered from an Ericsson distributor. After all, this service center wasn't exactly in the middle of the desert.

What matters is that mobile phones become important telecommunication devices for people like me and millions of others.