Tue, 07 Nov 2000

UK plans RI plane factory

JAKARTA (JP): The British-based Hamilton Airship Company plans to build a US$146 million worth aircraft factory in Indonesia, according to the government.

The office of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy said on Monday that Hamilton planned to start building the factory in the "near future".

A ministry's statement said it hoped Hamilton could become a strategic partner of state-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara Indonesia.

Dirgantara is the new name of PT Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (IPTN). The government changed IPTN's name in August this year.

Dirgantara is seeking a strategic investor in a bid to help restructure its debts. The company's debt has been taken over by the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA).(bkm)