Wed, 23 Feb 2000

Two dead as buses collide in Batang

BATANG, Central Java: A collision between two intercity buses on Tuesday morning in Kalibalik village, Batang district, claimed at least two lives and injured 50.

The dead were identified as one of the bus drivers, Roki, 35, and passenger Suparman, 30.

About 25 people remain at Pekalongan Hospital, while the rest of the injured were discharged after receiving treatment for minor injuries.

The chief of the local traffic police division, Lt. Didi Mulyanto, said the accident occurred when the driver of a speeding Sabar Subur bus was attempting to overtake a car and was unable to avoid a head-on collision with a Coyo bus.

The accident caused heavy traffic congestion along the northern coastal route of Java for several hours in the afternoon.(har/01)