Sat, 13 May 2000

Two cents worth

The rebuke the Parking Management Agency of Jakarta has addressed to private parking management companies violating the provision on parking rates, reflects the inability of the city administration to manage private parking affairs. While on the one hand the city administration has complained that private parking management companies have failed to contribute to the coffers of the city administration, it has on the other hand pushed private parking management companies to lower their rates.

It is true that recent public complaints about the raise in parking rates must be answered by setting appropriate rates. However, this does not mean that there must be uniform rates for the entire capital.

The city administration must be able to make a distinction between the parking rates at public places such as markets, government offices and road-side parking areas, and those rates at shopping centers, hotels and private office buildings. A distinction can also be made between the parking rates imposed downtown and in the suburbs. In fact, by setting higher rates at particular locations, the city administration would be able to earn more from parking for its coffers.

Therefore, the city administration should not handle parking affairs in the capital in a simplistic manner by passing uniform rates. Instead, it should first study the problem comprehensively and profoundly. I hope this will letter will provide a bit of healthy input for the city administration.