Mon, 21 Aug 2000

Two alleged crooks burned to death

BOGOR (JP): Two alleged members of a gang were burned to death by angry locals after being caught red-handed loading stolen goods into a van in Kampung Sindang Resmi, Ciasihan village, late on Friday.

Two other gang members fled the scene and are still at large, police said.

Cibungbulang Police substation chief Second Insp. A Junaedi said on Saturday that Supriatna, 32, and his brother Gumilang, 29, were about to load the stolen goods into a van when locals attacked them.

"Three local youths who tried to stop them were cut with sharp weapons. When residents saw the victims, they got angry and brutally attacked the robbers. Supriatna and Gumilang were burned alive.

"Officers who arrived at the scene eventually managed to prevent the people from burning the van," Junaedi said.

The other two men, Hadi, 30, and another man whose identity remains unknown, managed to slip away, the officer added.

"This gang has been operating since 1990 and people got fed up with them as they were said to be 'magically invincible' against sharp weapons. We have set up a team to pursue the remaining two robbers," he added.

The van, along with a television set, a lawn mower, a sewing machine, clothing as well as sharp weapons were seized as evidence. (21/edt)