Thu, 28 Jul 1994

TV programs

From Republika

The era of globalization was marked by the establishment of a couple of private TV stations. Each station is trying hard to attract viewers by presenting colorful programs. Unfortunately, the greater part of the program materials is imported and only about five percent is domestic production.

Moreover, most of the programs do not benefit children in terms of their learning process. The impact of the programs on children is saddening, because they are overly exposed to violence, sex and values that run counter to our traditional norms.

In the second long-term development plan, the government has placed more weight on the application of science and technology. This is an irony. How can the young be well-versed with science and technology if they are not very enthusiastic about their responsibilities? I fear the government's slogan to enhance the quality of human resources is nothing but an empty slogan.

I would like to appeal to the TV authorities to design better and more appropriate programs that support the government's ideals.