Wed, 24 Aug 1994

Turkish tourists jailed for theft

SURABAYA: Two Turkish tourists were sentenced to 45 days imprisonment for stealing a total of Rp 2.14 million ($1,023) from local banks, money changers and a taxi driver.

Cem Camci and Mochammad Callacas, both 29 years old, were found guilty by the local district court on Tuesday for stealing.

The two arrived in a rented car from Jakarta in July on their way to Bali.

They visited a number of banks and money changers during their brief stay. At the banks, they virtually forced their way into the till and helped themselves to cash after the cashiers refused to change their foreign currency.

They were arrested after a heated argument over a cab fare at the head office of a local taxi company, the Antara news agency reported.

With the time already spent under detention, the two Turkish will be free after Aug. 30.

"We want to go back to Turkey," said one of the men after the court read its verdict. (emb)