Thu, 11 Feb 2010

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Thu, 11 Feb 2010

Thu, 11 Feb 2010

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Turkish government through its trade representative office in Indonesia, TITA (Turkish Indonesian Trade Association), offered trade cooperation with Indonesia.

Indonesia is a country with a strong influence in Southeast Asia while Turkey is a gateway to Europe, TITA secretary general Cemalettin Aydogan said in Jakarta Wednesday.

He said his side has promoted Indonesian tourism in Turkey to attract Turkish businessmen to Indonesia.

With regard to the exports between the two countries, Cemalettin said they reached 1.7 million US dollars in 2008, 70 pct of which consisted of trade from Indonesia to Turkey, and the remaining 30 pct from Turkey to Indonesia.

Turkish investment in Indonesia reached 69 million US dollars in coal, wood, carpets, and prayer`s mats,with some of their producers are already operating in Bandung and Jakarta, Cemalettin said.

He also said on March 3, 2010, TITA will hold a business forum to introduce Turkish and Indonesian businesspeople for a mutually beneficial cooperation.

On March 3 some 850 different goods and commodities from Turkish medical institutions will be displayed in Indonesia by the producers planning to invest in Indonesia as production cost is relatively low, Cemalettin said.

He added that the exports of the two countries in the next two to three years will more than triple under the cooperation which will soon be established during the business forum on March 3. He said his side has projected 1.3 billion US dollars from the exports.

TITA deputy chairman Aip Syarifudin said on the same occasion that Indonesia in conducting trade has been too much oriented to countries like Japan, China, the US, Europe and some others, and if more countries are doing business in Indonesia, it would be more productive, like Turkey.