Wed, 10 Mar 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Turkish entrepreneurs who are members of the Turkey-England Business Association have expressed their interest in Indonesian products, like furniture, textiles, food, umbrellas and shoes.

“We want to import these products from Indonesia,” said the Secretary General of Business Network Serkan Kurt, leader of the Turkish entrepreneur’s delegation, at the Department of Trade office yesterday.

According to Kurt, Turkish entrepreneurs are also interested in importing Indonesian premium products, such as processed food.

These Indonesian products will be sold to England.

They are interested in Indonesian products because of their relatively cheap prices, due to low workers’ wages in Indonesia.

He also said he saw another advantage.

For example, Indonesian furniture is made from good quality wood.

“Indonesian textile products are also of good quality. Better than Chinese textile products,” he said.

Indonesian non-oil exports to England experienced a positive trend of 4.85 percent from 2004 to 2008.

In 2009, Indonesia non-oil exports to England amount to US$1,431 billion.