Tue, 18 Mar 2003

Trisakti read the riot act

JAKARTA: Parties in disagreement over the leadership at Trisakti University were warned on Monday to immediately resolve their differences or risk the government taking over the management.

The head of the secondary and higher education agency, Sukesti Martono, said the warning came from the central government through the Directorate General for University Affairs in responding to the internal dispute at the university.

"I was informed by the director general for university affairs at the education ministry (Satryo Sumantri Brodjonegoro) that the government would take over the university if the dispute could not be resolved," Sukesti said on Monday.

Disagreement over the university's leadership first broke out between the university's foundation and its rectorate mid last year.

The dispute came to a head when both the rectorate and the foundation placed separate advertisements stating differing versions of the requirements for student applicants.

Sukesti expressed hope that the dispute would be settled before student enrollment opens in June.

"If they cannot resolve their differences, it will cause problems for the university," he told said after a hearing with City Council Commission E for people's welfare. --JP