Tue, 11 Oct 1994

Trash problem

I'm a Japanese traveler and Indonesia is one of my favorite countries -- I could say my preferred destination. Though my last visit was my fourth I must say I was terribly surprised this time because of all the trash. I saw so many people discarding rubbish in the streets. It seems people are ignorant where rubbish is concerned.

Biodegradable rubbish is tolerable because it does not harm the environment. However plastic bags and drinking bottles will do harm as plastic does not break down and remains wherever it is left forever.

Indonesia has much natural beauty. It is one of your country's best features and I love it. But already there is so much trash. I sometimes wanted to cover my eyes while traveling. It's such a shame!

Japanese people don't litter much. Even if someone does another person takes it away, i.e. trash collector. So roads and streets are always clean. But we Japanese have a different problem with trash -- no satisfactory place to dispose of it. We have an excess of trash.

Recently recycle became a key word in Japan and spread all over the country. But dumps are full. It's too late!

I think it's not too late for Indonesia. I don't want you Indonesians to have the same problem as the Japanese, please save your natural beauty.


Hiratsuka, Japan