Wed, 24 Aug 1994

Transportation fees hike

From Jayakarta

A suggestion has come from the Organda transportation industry association to increase the fares of public transportation vehicles in Jakarta.

This is bad news for users of the public transport system as the price hike will not be coupled with service improvements, and besides salaries are not increasing.

A city bus is almost always overloaded with passengers and riding them is an unpleasant experience because of the traffic jams. If we take a taxi the cost is exorbitant.

So far there has never been a price hike accompanied by improved public transportation services. On the contrary, there has been a decline in the quality of services like, for example, the Patas bus which is supposed to be better than the average bus has turned out to be just like any other bus service.

This situation has created skepticism toward promises made by the government and the bus industry itself.


Bekasi, West Java