Sat, 29 Oct 1994

Traffic in Bogor

During my 15 months of residence in this wonderful land I really thought I had seen it all! That was, of course, until last week when I experienced, with disbelief, major changes occurring in Bogor due to the commencement of the APEC meetings at the Bogor Palace.

During the build-up to these meetings the town of Bogor has undergone many improvements including long awaited road repairs, curb painting, tree and plant displays being strategically erected and the prevalence of many active policemen. However, the chaos of the one way system around the town still remains.

No matter which route you take, for whatever reason, roads are at a virtual standstill. Buses cannot gain access to their normal routes and now have to take the minor roads. Under normal circumstances, these small roads can cope with single file traffic but now, loaded trucks are also having to do the same. Indonesian drivers with impatient temperaments and questionable driving skills are now at their absolute worst! Not only must this be having a tremendous effect on many local businesses but schools have also been affected. In an emergency there would be little hope of gaining quick access to a hospital.

One can only assume that these road closures have been enforced in order that the officials and foreign visitors to the APEC meetings do not have to suffer the perilous driving conditions and experience the appalling driving ethics, or the interminable delays, that are already prevalent.


Bogor, West Java