Sun, 08 Apr 2001

'TPI' runs new quiz from Monday to Friday

JAKARTA (JP): Local private TV channel TPI has launched a new quiz program Kata Kita (Our Words) targeting mainly housewives.

The quiz is aired from 1 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday and starts only 30 minutes after rival RCTI airs the Kata Berkait (Crossword) quiz on the same days.

In the first segment of Kata Kita, two pairs of quiz participants compete to answer a puzzle. The winners then go on to the next segment where they have a chance to win a bonus if they can rightly guess the first syllable of 10 words and the last syllable of another 10 words.

The 30-minute quiz has simple questions, a standard quiz setting and a good format. TPI is apparently aware, however, that a good format alone is not enough to guarantee a good quiz show. In addition, the presenter should be a well-known figure.

So Kata Kita is presented by TV drama (sinetron) actor Krisna Mukti who also stars in a number of TV advertisements, including those for American Express, Dunhill, Ester C, Kopiko and Mazda Vantrend.

The 32 year-old Krisna is a seasoned TV presenter.

TPI's public relations officer Jasmine Pratiwi said Krisna is already very popular among housewives, the main target audience for this quiz.

The target audience usually determines the time at which a quiz is broadcast. TPI airs Kata Kita at the time when housewives are taking a rest after finishing their routine household chores.

TPI also airs two other quizzes, Kuis Dangdut and Komunikata. (Sri Ramadani).