Mon, 10 Oct 1994

Tourist complaint

I refer to the letter in The Jakarta Post on Aug. 26, 1994 entitled Singapore and tourism by Ms F Fauzia of Depok, West Java.

The Singapore Tourist Promotion Board (STPB) regrets any unpleasantness experienced by Ms Fauzia on her recent visit to Singapore.

We would like to assure Ms Fauzia that STPB takes a serious view of failure to meet appropriate service standards in any sector of the tourism industry and takes special corrective measures against errant retailers.

However, for STPB to make any instructive comparison on the retail prices offered by competing outlets or to ascertain if the items purchased were unfairly priced, we would appreciate further details on the three transactions cited by Ms Fauzia. In particular, we would like the names of the various outlets and the items purchased.

She can write to: Mr. Hassan Kassim, Public Relations Department, Singapore Tourist Promotion Board, Raffles City Tower 36-04, 250 North Bridge Road, Singapore 0617, (Tel: 065-3300 372, Fax: 065-3399 423).