Wed, 28 Jun 2000

Tourism training for taxi drivers

JAKARTA (JP): City Tourism Agency held on Tuesday a training course for 100 taxi drivers to improve the city's tourism human resource as well as transportation service.

"Drivers are the first party to deal with tourists when the latter arrive in our country. It's also the drivers who take those tourists to places of interest," agency chairman Witjaksono Moewardi said in a written opening statement, read by agency's head of tourism information dissemination division, Wahyudiono.

"It means the drivers are the spearheads of the tourism industry's effort to improve the image of Jakarta," he added.

Witjaksono also said that developing tourism would result in opening business opportunities as well as providing employment for residents.

"Tourism is a package of many activities from the time the tourists arrive here until they leave," he said, citing transportation, restaurants, hotels and souvenirs as examples.

The training was conducted at Mandala Wisata building on Jl. Kuningan Barat in South Jakarta.(nvn)