Sat, 16 Nov 1996


Toshiba to launch PC camera

TOKYO (UPI): Japanese electronic manufacturer Toshiba Corporation plans to begin sample shipments to computer makers of a new digital camera designed for use with portable notebook computers, the company said yesterday.

"The ability to handle real-time digital moving images in a mobile computing environment will open up new applications in computing, communications and image processing," Kensuke Adachi, General Manager of Toshiba's Advanced Imaging Technology Division, said.

When worldwide shipment begins next month, computer manufacturers will then be able to design software drivers and configurations specifically for their portable computer lines.

The Ik-D30 model digital camera, which includes the camera head, cable and Pc card, is to be priced at about $500.

Toshiba hopes to begin mass production of the camera early next year, although it does not foresee retail sales anytime soon.