Mon, 08 Nov 2010

Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA News) - The strategy that should be applied in the face of global competition is to improve the quality of domestic products, a deputy minister said.

"We need a synergy program for the improvement of goods quality and competitive edge in the face of the global market," Deputy to the Chief Economic Minister for industry and Trade affairs Edy Putra Irwawady said here..

He said that at present there were still many domestically produced products which were unable to face the influx of imported goods and were difficult to improve their competitive edge.

Edy said that the domestic products faced constraints in the market competition because of slow raw material supplies, lack of energy infrastructures, land conditions, logistics system and low public services.

"Some of the country`s industries are still in the ailing stage. How could they run fast if they have no enough raw materials, logistics and energy supplies?," he said.

For this, he said, a standardization is needed to improve the quality and increase competitive in the international market.

"Standardization is good for protecting producers, good supplies and protecting consumers from buying substandard goods," he said.

Head of the National Standardization Agency Bambang Setiadi said meanwhile that standardization was badly needed to smooth world trade and to gain market access.

It could also help reduce technical trade barriers and assist trade among countries.
"At least, if our products are based on a standardization system would gain international recognition when they are marketed abroad," Bambang said.

There were at least three economic benefits a product would obtain if it passed an Indonesian National Standardization (SNI) test, he said.

The benefits were that producers would understand the requirements of goods that were accepted by the markets, consumers would gain goods quality and security certainties and the people would be protected in term of security, safety, health and environment sustainability, he said.