Tue, 09 Aug 1994

Titles for sports events

It is commendable that The Jakarta Post is trying its best to cover sports events as much as possible to cater to the interests of sports lovers in this country. It devotes one or two full pages to this section.

However, may I suggest that the presentation be improved by assigning appropriate titles to each type of sport (like Tennis, Football, Racing, Track or Sprints, Cycling, Badminton etc.) at the top of each story, so that it is easier for the readers to locate the column to read the particular sport(s) they are interested in.

In the absence of such titles, for someone like me who is not familiar with the names of sports persons or teams in all sports and games, it takes a while to guess or realize what kind of sport a particular news story relates to, especially when the contents do not specify the nature of the sport. I hope the Post will consider implementing this simple but useful suggestion in future editions for the benefit of the readers.


Surabaya, East Java