Mon, 01 Aug 1994

Tips on changing the default font of your Ami Pro files

JAKARTA (JP): For the body of the text of my documents, I usually use NewCenturySchlbk. When you install word processor programs such as Ami Pro and Winword, the default font is usually Times or Times New Roman.

Unfortunately, these two fonts are already so overused that your documents will look as boring as most of the Dangdut music today.

Here's how you can change the default font of your new Ami Pro documents. First, load Ami Pro and a new, blank file will be automatically opened for you. Click on the right mouse button, and the Default Style sheet dialog box will emerge.

On top left you'll find a box containing the list of Styles available in this default sheet. First, make sure that F2 Body Text appears in the box. Now, change the font and font size to your preference. In my case, I would change it to NewCenturySchlbk and 12--provided the font is available on my PC.

You can change all other format settings as well, such as the alignment and hyphenation. Remember that whatever options you select now will be the default of your next documents.

Once you've made all the necessary changes, don't forget to click on Save. Then you can move to the next Style by selecting from the Style list on top left. Always click on Save before you move to another Style--Ami Pro will remind you if you forget to do so anyway.

After you've set all options in each Style to your liking, click on OK. Here's the final step to make all the changes perma nent: Click on the Style menu item, and then on Save as a Style Sheet.

When Ami Pro asks you for the name of the new sheet, type in DEFAULT.STY. When it asks you whether you wish to replace the existing sheet file, click on Yes, and you're done.

Create a new document, press the right button and check whether the default settings are already what you want them to be. If not all of them are, then you have to do it over.

-- Zatni Arbi