Mon, 07 Aug 2000

Three players join Olympics team

JAKARTA (JP): Three male chess players -- International Master (IM) Danny Juswanto, Grand Master (GM) Edhi Handoko and GM Ruben Gunawan -- have joined the national team to compete in the Chess Olympics in Istanbul from Oct. 28 through Nov. 14.

The three players and FIDE Master (FM) Hamdani Rudin reached the quarterfinals of the Olympics National Selection on Sunday at the Sumanti Chess House in Central Jakarta.

In the women's side, National Master (NM) Susianah Handayani and the Indonesian Chess Association (Percasi) Master (PM) Yenny Riayaningrum shared the lead in the selection with a total of 4 Match Points.

Chairman of the organizers Eka Putra Wirya said, "The qualifiers have described the country's team strength for the Olympics. They are the best Indonesian players." (yan)