Thu, 04 May 2000

Thieves' terrible sense of humor

CILACAP, Central Java (JP): At least one dead patient at Majenang clinic missed his last ride home on Tuesday when the ambulance that was to take him was stolen.

The hospital workers went into frenzy when they discovered that the ambulance parked at a Puskesmas (public health center) in the nearby village of Cipodang, which had borrowed the carriage the day before, had disappeared.

Unfortunately, the police officers handling the case turned out to be lacking in sympathy. The said that the ambulance would have not been stolen had the garage been properly locked.

"No such incident has ever been reported before," said the disappointed Dr. Teguh Wibowo of the Majenang clinic.

Dr. Teguh said he had never imagined thieves could be so low as to steal an ambulance. (45)