Fri, 08 Mar 1996

From: Jawawa

Thief mobbed to death

JAKARTA (JP): A man has been beaten to death by a mob for stealing in Kampung Payangan, Jati Asih subdistrict, East Jakarta.

Local police confirmed yesterday that Andi Arip was attacked by a mob after stealing electronic goods and a bicycle from a resident's house on Wednesday.

"Neighbors came out on hearing Komariah, the owner of the house, scream," an officer said. "Andi left the stolen goods in a dark field and approached the mob and shouted stop thief in an effort to save himself from the angry residents."

Komariah then arrived on the scene and pointed Andi out as the thief. The residents then mobbed him, the officer said.

Andi, a resident of Bekasi, was found dead the following morning by the police having suffered serious injuries to his head and body. (04)