Tue, 25 Oct 1994

Thief at new restaurant

Having watched the spectacular grand opening of Planet Hollywood on SCTV Saturday night, Oct. 22, 1994, I decided to take my family there for lunch the following day.

Needless to say, Planet Hollywood is impressive. As we arrived there and walked into the building we were heartily welcomed by the staff at the entrance, "welcome to Planet Hollywood..." We stated that we had come for lunch and were led to the dining room.

The drinks and lunch that we had were very good, a real taste of American food indeed. No doubt folks, I do recommend. So while devouring the delicious food, we hardly kept our eyes from all the splendor around us, all of them are Hollywood memorabilia, as SCTV's announcer stated at the opening, worth an incredible amount of money.

But.... all the joy of being at this spectacular place and having had the opportunity of a nice lunch, was shot with a big bang! Imagine, even though I had not for once vacated my seat, yet my handbag that I had hung on the back of my chair disappeared into thin air. So be alert, as the unexpected can be expected....in a swanky place such as Planet Hollywood, security is disappointingly insecure.