Wed, 05 Apr 2000

The year 2000: Making the choice to change

By Tishy Bruce

JAKARTA (JP): What is the meaning behind the number 2000? Why is it relevant in this new Age of Aquarius? What is the Age of Aquarius?

In numerological terms, the number 2 relates to balance and co-operation. The number 0 relates to recognizing our inner gifts: looking to see what is right for us, what we are good at, what makes us feel at ease and what makes us feel happy, creative and strong inside. It is a number that also means balance, completion, roundedness of self and becoming whole.

It is well known that the Age of Aquarius is a new beginning for humanity. During this Age, humanity as a whole will finally learn and act upon the knowledge that peace and love and harmony are possible and are a lot more fulfilling than anger, war and chaos.

The increased frequency of electromagnetic vibrations evident over the last few years has effected the Earth and its people in various ways. There has keen upheaval and chaos around the world (not just in Indonesia) in the form of weather anomalies and geophysical changes.

On the geophysical front, these changes in electromagnetic frequency have been shown by the incredible number of earthquakes, eruptions, floods and stormy conditions.

These changes in electromagnetic frequencies also effect us on emotional and mental levels and in many different ways: those actually struck by the geophysical upheavals have been made homeless, have lost their loved ones, have lost material possessions and have suffered the trauma of those conditions.

Onlookers too have felt traumatized by their own conflicting emotions of compassion, hopelessness and inadequacy. Throughout the world there seems to have been an escalation in interracial or cultural wars resulting in an enormous loss of life and, again, terrible trauma. On the personal front, many people have felt that they are going through a time of change and have felt their own personal chaos and conflict. Things have seemed out of control.

State of balance

However, we have the ability to ride these waves of change by staying in a state of balance which can enable us to take an overview of any situation. We can learn to cooperate with the forces of chaos by understanding that behind and beyond chaos there is calm. All states have an opposite and equal balancing force, and it is this that we have to recognize and grasp -- with both hands. Each negative has a positive: a balance.

The dramatic changes which have occurred around the world and in our personal life may have moved us to anger. However, that is okay too, as -- used constructively -- deep anger has a passion just as deep as love has. All emotional states can be viewed positively.

The energy of passion can lift us out of depression and lethargy into a state of movement and enthusiasm. There is a magnificence in the energy of passion that we can harness constructively to insist upon change.

The energy during the next few months is markedly different from the energy of the early months of this year. It is an innovative energy that impels us to move from old, often traditional, modes of thinking. Let us use this energy to change.

Change is good. It makes us strong. It gives us an opportunity to rethink our values. In fact, we are becoming so desperate to change that we are, at last, recognizing that as individuals we need to make our own stand for what we feel is right.

We will become much more aware of the power of the individual to effect change within a group. The group may be your family, your community, your country or your planet. Once a person is open to their individuality they become aware that they need to express themselves.

This is the time within the Age of Aquarius that we can dream of our future and make it happen. Just the realization that we care earns us our own self-respect. Honoring yourself is recognizing your inner gifts.


This quote from Caroline Myss' recent book: Why People Don't Heal and How they Can is appropriate:

"Honor is essential to healing, more essential than is probably realized. Honor is honesty. It is the promise to oneself above all not to negotiate the boundaries of dignity for material gain."

Living with such integrity magically expands to teach us respect for all other forms of life. Have you noticed how many self-awareness courses there are? How many courses are available that enable people to reevaluate their modus operandi at work to cooperate with fellow workers and respect their input; have you noticed how people are trying to bring their own set of individual values into work?

People are tired of fear: they want to be honest, expressive and true to their inner driving force.

Incidentally, alternative therapies of all types can be helpful in achieving a state of balance, and can help us release subconscious fears by adjusting our energy so that it is in a state of openness. More and more people are recognizing that if they deal with their emotional, mental and spiritual needs they suffer less stress and are happier and healthier.

They are using alternative therapies to achieve this end. Meditation can help us recognize our inner powers and can help us change thought patterns (on a macro and microcosmic level).

If we can insist upon giving ourselves time to reflect and balance, we can affect lasting change. We have the knowledge of what chaos brings. Now we can use this knowledge and bring it to a higher state: wisdom. We need to learn more about each other -- not just about people but nature in all its various guises. We can learn to cooperate and negotiate from a point of empathy.

We do not need to bulldoze our way through life feeling that we are the only ones that are right; we need to be humble enough to truly listen to other people's points of view. We can develop tolerance. Everybody and everything is right.

Balance and cooperate with yourself and others. Recognize that you cannot live without feeling good about yourself (number 0). There is a trinity of 0's this year. Three is a stabilizing number, a number that relates to creativity and a number that recognizes God within Man. Number 2 has an energy that inspires you to expand this feeling to your immediate group.

The Age of Aquarius relates to the ability to value yourself as an individual within a group: to use your individual talents to cooperate with others without fear of lacking. In this year, and the years that follow, we will understand that we can trust. We can lean upon our trust in our own integrity and our knowledge of the laws of energy (like attracts like) to drop distrust. We can create a world of peace and love. We can, individually, learn the art of balance and cooperation. We -- YOU -- can do this.