Fri, 22 Oct 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Makassar:The world is now eyeing South Sulawesi’s large economic potential. This was conveyed by Austrian Ambassador to Indonesia, Klaus Wolfer, at a meeting to discuss strategies in utilizing domestic potentials to support foreign politics, at the Golden Makassar Hotel, yesterday.

The many potentials, including in agriculture, livestock, forestry, and tourism sectors, can support the world’s economic growth. “South Sulawesi’s prospects can be promoted from a positive point of view to attract other countries,” Wolfer said.

Yusra Khan, the Foreign Ministry’s Policy Study and Development Board’s secretary, said the large economic potential of South Sulawesi can support the domestic capacity of Indonesia’s foreign policies because at present they focus on negotiations on the economic sector. “The growth of economic forces will form the architecture of countries in the world,” he said.

Mappa Nasrun, professor of Social and Political Science at Hasanuddin University said these economic potentials must be utilized to produce foreign exchange for the country and provinces. “We have good potentials, it is how to actualize them by increasing capacity,” he said.

In order to exploit such potential, the human resources must be upgraded by collaborating with domestic and foreign partners. “In that way, we can transfer the positive sides of advanced countries to improve the development of our country,” Mappa said.

Amal Natsir, the South Sulawesi’s Economic and Development assistant, said the government continues to intensify growth in all sectors, such as in tourism, mining, agriculture, livestock, services, communication and others. “It depends on how we can sell these potentials to international and domestic investors,” he said.