Fri, 03 Nov 2000

The rights of a patient

Referring to the letter Offended doctor cancels operation published in The Jakarta Post on Oct. 10, 2000, I would like to make several comments.

In her letter Ms. Wulandari lamented that Dr. P violated his code of conduct by canceling her mother's operation and demanding her mother be taken home for unclear reasons.

Actually Ms. Wulandari could file a complaint with the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) or the Medical Ethics Code Council. The irresponsible doctor could be accused of violating certain articles of the Health Law, Civil Code or even Criminal Law.

With regard to the status file (medical record) of her mother, she has the right to possess such a record to be used as a reference when seeking a second opinion. The Dr. P's hospital should provide her with the medical record.

In fact, a patient has three principle rights: The right to receive health care, the right to information and the right to self-determination.


Cimahi, West Java