Sun, 08 Apr 2001

The Dawn

Dawn, the blurry-eyed dawn

turns into a bright-eyed day;

Promising a smiling eve,

but the news magazines show the other day

of chaos, bloodshed and dismay.

When will the day come?

When shall our desires glow?

When will we derive light

from the river flow?

When can we provide

a smiling future for our child?

This churns and churns our minds

leaving us paralyzed.

Fraternity, equality and brotherhood?

When will they be understood?

We wait in pain and tears

for that moment to tap our stairs

--By Ritu Basant

The Old Man

The old man gazed dawn at his son,

Lying in the gutter broken and torn.

"Where is his soul now?"

The question was asked.

"Beyond my gasp,"

"It's free at last."

"Why did I punish him so?"

"Holding him down,"

"His esteem so low."

"My son -- Indonesia."

"Without me you will not grow!"

"Withered and stunted,"

"Poisoned roots below."

"Indonesia, Indonesia!"

"Don't you know?"

"Without me, you will not grow."

The old man gazed down at his son.

Lying in the gutter broken and drawn.

Bleeding deeply his heart so torn.

Hair-a-mess clothes so worn.

"Where is your future?"

The question was asked.

"In my grip,"

"Until the very last!"

--By Tim Howie