Sat, 03 Apr 2004

'Thank God the campaign period is finally over'

The competing political parties and candidates for the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) have taken down their flags, posters or banners from public places on Friday as the legislative election is only two days away. The Jakarta Post talked to some residents on the effectiveness of party of all those symbols.

Dini Ismaya, 29, is a staff researcher at the National Atomic Regency. She lives in Serpong, Tangerang:

I couldn't stand the sight of the city the last three weeks. Thank God it's finally over.

Many people said that the general elections are for the people, but I don't think that 'the party' should be interpreted merely by a color on the street with a bunch of other flags of the competing political parties and thousands of supporters.

People see the campaigning period as an excuse not to go to work for a few days because they can get money from the party who wants them to support their rally. Do they feel satisfaction in creating traffic congestion while rallying?

I wonder what these politicians think when only a small number of people attended the indoor campaign rallies? Even less would come if they held an intellectual event, such as a discussion seminar.

Sacha, 27, is a 3D animation artist. She lives in Metro Pondok Indah, South Jakarta:

The campaigning period was disgusting. Do those people really think that they can do whatever they want in public places and be forgiven just because they were supporting big parties?

Of all the banners placed all over the capital, the worst ones are for that cosmetic-maker running for a DPD seat. I think she needs a professional advertising consultant to create less absurd slogans.

However, I think Golkar had some good advertisements with its yellow banners. They are really eye-catching and fit in, if you know what I mean, but that is not including the pictures of the candidates and their statements.

--The Jakarta Post