Tue, 24 Jun 2003

Thais with AIDS die in Ambon

AMBON, Maluku: Two Thai nationals who died recently of AIDS have been buried here, an Indonesian Navy officer said on Monday.

Commander of the Ambon naval base Lt. Col. Ibrahim Sadong said the Thais, identified as Sajian and Tong Sri, died earlier this month after two weeks receiving treatment in the Navy Hospital. They were buried in Kebun Cengkeh public cemetery in Sirimau district.

The two worked as sailors of a vessel serving fishing companies operating out of Ambon, the capital of Maluku.

Sadong said it remained unclear how long the Thai nationals had been living with the virus.

The vessel on which the two worked was quarantined at Halong naval base for further investigation, which later found that two more sailors had contracted with the virus.

The fishing boat has been sent back home, along with the two other sailors with full-blown AIDS, Sadong said.

HIV/AIDS cases have been rarely reported in Maluku. -- Antara