Fri, 03 Mar 2000

Terrorizing phone calls

From Pikiran Rakyat

Following the disappearance a month ago of our daughter Neng Yunengsih (Yuni), who is in grade two at a private school in Bandung, we have received numerous telephone calls from unidentified people about our loss.

Yuni disappeared on Jan. 31. Searches have been conducted of various places such as hospitals, the police station and other areas which soothsayers claim Yuni visited. Some have said they have seen her, but only for a few moments.

There is information that she stayed at a number of places in Bandung, including Wisma Rengganis, the dormitory for female students of Padjadjaran University, Cimindi train station, the Sukamenak Indah housing estate and Jatinangor. On Feb. 27, a woman said she saw Yuni at Gang Inaga, but none of these reports have led to results.

A number of these callers have asked for rewards of up to Rp 20 million, but hung up when questioned further. Our family feels like we are being terrorized. There were so many such calls that I unplugged the phone at one time. We are very hurt, and we just hope that anyone with information about Yuni can help us.


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