Mon, 20 Nov 2000

Telkom launches new service

YOGYAKARTA (JP): Yogyakarta and Central Java residents who want to get information on anything relating to electricity services of the state-owned electricity company (PLN) can now just dial 290123.

"The new service has reached people living in Yogyakarta, Surakarta and Semarang and their surrounding areas. Hopefully all areas in the Central Java and Yogyakarta will enjoy the service soon," Triana Mulyatsa, deputy general manager of PT Telkom for Central Java and Yogyakarta service, said on launching the new service in Yogyakarta on Friday.

"The number could accept 60 callers at one time," Triana said, adding that the service enables people to get find out the exact amount of their electricity bill before the payment day.

There is no special charge for the service, meaning that the telephone fee will be included in the monthly bill as usual, the marketing communication manager, Murwanto said.

"Those outside Yogyakarta must dial the area code of 0274 before dialing 290123 to get information relating to the electricity services in Yogyakarta," he said. (23)