Mon, 31 Oct 1994

Telkom deflect charges

JAKARTA (JP): The East Jakarta chapter of the state-owned telecommunication company, PT Telkom, has denied allegations that the office sells one telephone line unit to a number of customers.

"The company gives one line unit only to each customer. It is quite impossible for the company to sell one number to many customers," I Nyoman Punia, head of the chapter, said over the weekend.

Punia's remark was made in response to public complaints accusing the company of providing one line unit for many customers and of improperly installing connection equipment on some telephones.

Punia also gave tips for customers who claim to repeatedly receive wrong connections. The most important thing to do, according to him, is to clearly inform the caller they have dialed the wrong number and then ask what number and address they are trying to reach.

"If the caller dials again the recipient should inquire how they obtained that number so as to check whether the caller dials the right number," he said.

"You should tell the caller not to make another call unless he or she is sure that the number is the right one," he said.

Punia said that people who repeatedly receive a great number of wrong calls are invited to report it to the nearest telecommunications office. (mas)