Mon, 09 Oct 2000

Teen inmate found pregnant

TEBING TINGGI, North Sumatra: An 18-year inmate of Kodya Penitentiary here is now eight-months pregnant thanks to an illicit relationship with a male prisoner, Antara reported on Saturday.

Itas Butar-Butar, a former nightclub hostess from Deli Serdang, is currently serving a 27 month-jail term for possession of ecstasy pills.

She has identified the father of her unborn baby as 37-year old Udin Bungkuk who, until recently, was serving time for murder.

Udin was free to roam within the confines of the penitentiary after being appointed as an assistant to the prison guards.

"They did it between the bars," Chief Warden Solo Gultom said quoting the teen inmate's description of how they managed to have sexual relations. "It couldn't have been comfortable," he said.

Udin is now a fugitive, having broken free upon learning of Itas' pregnancy, Gultom said. (01)