Sat, 12 Aug 2000

Teachers fear classroom collapse

BOGOR (JP): Teachers in two state-run elementary schools in Cijeruk district, Bogor regency, are fearing for the safety of their pupils because of an earthquake last month that damaged buildings at their schools.

They fear that classrooms could collapse anytime.

Buildings at the two schools, SDN Cibandawa and SDN Srogol, are being temporarily supported by wooden props to allow students to keep studying in them.

"We're afraid that the roof may collapse anytime and hit the children. We don't know for how long the props can hold," Sudradjat, a teacher from SDN Cibandawa, said on Thursday.

Sudradjat said officials from the local Public Works (PU) Agency visited the school to assess damage shortly after the quake, which touched 5.1 on the Richter Scale, jolted the area on July 12.

"But, up to present they haven't done anything to repair the structures. We really hope that the related institutions help us deal with the matter ... for the sake of our children,' he said.

Head of the SDN Srogol Parent-Teacher Association, Endang Supena, suggested that the local Public Works agency hire a credible developer.

"In cases like this, usually the developer only thinks about money and builds the structure quickly," Supena said. (21/edt)