Tue, 21 Nov 2000

Taxis charging old fares told to display stickers

JAKARTA (JP): The City Land Transportation Agency (DLLAJ) has asked the Organization of Land Transportation Owners (Organda) to put special stickers on cabs managed by companies refusing to charge the new fare.

DLLAJ chief Buyung Atang said after sending a copy of the letter to Organda on Monday that the sticker would be an indication to passengers that the taxis were charging the former fare.

"The stickers will also enable my office to take proper action against any taxis which charge new fares but don't meet the set requirements," he said, referring to the governor's recent letter on the taxi fare hike.

The letter says only taxis that pass road tests and do not allow a person access from the trunk to the back seat are allowed to apply for new fares. This is to prevent possible attacks on passengers by someone who may be hiding in the trunk.

The other requirement is that waste baskets are to be present in the vehicles.

"I'll nab the taxis that apply the fare hike but fail to meet the requirements," Buyung said. However, the officer refused to specify when inspections would be conducted.

Organda could not be reached for comment on Monday.

The 45.54 percent hike in taxi fares took effect on Saturday, after a two-month postponement due to strong opposition from the public and taxi drivers.

The new flag fall and initial kilometer is Rp 3,000 (about 30 U.S. cents), or Rp 1,000 higher than the old fare.

The increase in fare for each kilometer has jumped to Rp 1,300, Rp 400 higher than before. The waiting fee has also increased to Rp 13,000 from Rp 10,000 per hour.

According to DLLAJ's inquiry, at least seven out of 32 taxi companies were charging the old fare. They are PT Citra Taxi, PT Steady Safe, PT Kosti Jaya, PT Koperasi Taksi, PT Sri Medali, PT Queen Taxi and PT Kartika Taksi.

Out of the 22,000 cabs registered in the capital, 16,000 are serving passengers, while 6,000 failed the vehicle road test. (dja)