Tue, 23 Feb 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Tax Directorate General has prepared 15 international tax intelligence agents who will be placed in several tax haven countries.

Tax Director General Mochamad Tjiptardjo said that a tax officer’s job is like an egg farmer’s.

His job is to take the eggs, not the chicken.

But according to him, all this time there are a lot of chickens that have been injected and being given vitamins but they don’t always produce eggs.

Even some chickens, he said, did not produce eggs in their own stall but next door.

“This is a transfer pricing matter. Therefore, we have already trained 15 intelligence agents who will be assigned in tax haven countries,” he said in a talk show “Dissecting 2010 state budget” in the Finance Department, Jakarta, on Monday.

Like egg farmers, according to him,” if they have already been provided with vitamins but they still don’t produce eggs here, well, let’s cut the chickens,” he said.