Fri, 17 Mar 2000

Taufik earns Norm National Master title

JAKARTA (JP): Young Taufik Hilai gained the Norm National Master chess title by collecting five victory (VP) points in the eighth round of the Enerpac Fair Play championship at Bekasi on Wednesday.

Taufik, who holds the Indonesian Chess Association (Percasi) Master title, earned the distinction by defeating Fide Master Kasmiran in the 68th move, using the King Hindu defense.

Based on Percasi's regulations, any player holding the Percasi Master title and collecting five victory points is automatically promoted to a Norm National Master. This title is one below the norm title.

Should he earn more victory points, Taufik would take the National Master title.

The Enerpac Fair Play event continued on Thursday and ends on Friday. Results from Thursday's matches were not available at press time.

The tournament, being played at Utut Adianto's chess school, is divided into Group A, comprising players above the national elo rating of 2,200, and Group B, of players with an elo rating below 2,200.

Utut is the country's Super Grand Master. There is a total cash prize of Rp 9 million to the winners of groups A and B. About 182 players are competing in the tournament.

Until the eighth round, International Master Danny Kuswanto was still leading with 6.5 VP. Danny beat NM Firman Simbolon in the 45th move of the Sicilian defense.

NM Suyud Hartoyo is in second place while IM Cerdas Barus is in third. Suyud, Cerdas, NM Arthur Paat and IM Salor Sitanggang, all scored 6 VP.

Suyud and Cerdas drew in Wednesday's match. Cerdas again drew with Arthur in the 42nd move of the Queen Hindu defense.

Salor collected victories against Grand Master Ardiansyah and NM Cecep Kosasih.

Taufik, who is in Group B, plays NM Haryadi Sucipto in the ninth round on Thursday. Danny, in Group A, meets Salor.

NM Agus Subroto leads Group B, followed by Rosita Latif, Andy S., Sidi Kuswanto and Arnadi. (lnt)