Thu, 26 Jun 2003

Tangerang to plant 189,000 trees

TANGERANG: The Tangerang regency environmental agency plans to plant 189,000 trees on 300 hectares of land along the Cisadane river catchment area in November and December.

"Today, our team begins conducting a survey to study what kind of trees the people living along the river want, because they will be involved in managing the green areas," Agency deputy chief Admat Kosim told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

The people would be given the rights to manage and earn money from the trees, he said.

Fruit trees like durians, jackfruits, melinjo, duku, mangoes, and avocados, as well as coconuts and cloves would be planted in Cisauk, Pagedangan and Serpong districts.

The program is held in conjunction with the National Movement of Land and Forest Rehabilitation launched by the Ministry of Forestry recently, in 21 river catchment areas in the country.

The ministry allocated Rp 1.1 billion to Tangerang for planning, implementing and developing the project. The seeds would be provided by the Citarum-Ciliwung River Catchment Areas Management Center in Bogor.--JP