Thu, 12 Feb 2004

Tangerang to have low-cost apartments

TANGERANG: Low-cost apartments will be built for the Tangerang municipality administration to rent out to accommodate people who live in flood-prone areas.

Financed by the Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastucture, the apartments in Manis Jaya subdistrict, Jatiwangi, will be completed in February.

"At least 144 families living in flood-prone areas can move into the apartments in March," Soewardjono, the municipality's chief of housing technical planning said on Wednesday.

The project is worth Rp 8.6 billion (about US$1 million).

So far, no one has registered with the administration to be tenants.

The rent per apartment will be between Rp 125,000 and Rp 150,000 per month. --JP

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26 new markets to serve locals

TANGERANG: Tangerang will get 20 new small markets and six large markets to meet the daily needs of its 1.5 million residents, an official said on Wednesday.

The director of the municipal market operator PD Pasar, Mayoris Namaga, said every subdistrict with a population of 30,000 should have at least one market.

Six districts needing large markets are Larangan, Cipondoh, Tangerang, Karawaci, Jatiuwung and Cibodas, he said.

"The construction of the 26 markets is scheduled to be completed within the next five years," he added. -- JP