Wed, 17 Dec 2003

Tangerang now has mobile library

JAKARTA: The South Jakarta District Court delayed on Tuesday the handing down of the verdict on a civil lawsuit filed by Texmaco textile group company against Tempo magazine, because one of the panel of judges had been promoted, and assigned to another province.

Presiding judge ID Gde Putra Jadnya decided to adjourn the hearing until Dec. 30.

"The new member of the panel of judges, Ariansyah Dali, who replaced Zainal Abidin, still needs more time to study all the cases before we issue a verdict," he told the courtroom.

Texmaco, a company owned by Marimutu Sinivasan, filed a lawsuit against Tempo for publishing articles which had allegedly tarnished the image of the company. The company demanded that the weekly pay them US$51 million in compensation.

Tempo fought back and sued the businessman for obstructing the freedom of the press with the lawsuit. The lawyers sought financial compensation of $100 million. -- JP