Fri, 22 Sep 2000

Tangerang mosque project needs funds

TANGERANG (JP): The Rp 21 billion Grand Mosque project in Tangerang, which began in 1995, has still not been completed because of a lack of funds.

"West Java Governor Nuriana should have allocated some money for the project," Sagaf Usman, chairman of the Tangerang Community, said during the signing of a contract for the construction of five of the mosque's domes.

The mosque, which belongs to the Tangerang mayoralty, will be 22,500 square meters in width when completed and will be able to accommodate 16,000 people.

The mosque is adjacent to the Tangerang mayoralty office.

Sagaf said the project's organizing committee would send a proposal to the governor requesting funds.

Most mosques in the country are built using public donations.

Tangerang Mayor HM Thamrin said the organizing committee had reported it had Rp 2.5 billion in its coffers. "We need much more money than that," he said, expressing his hope the organizing committee would become more active in raising donations. "Residents are expected to give Rp 1,000, Rp 3,000 or Rp 5,000 a month." (21/sur)