Tue, 31 Oct 2000

Sutiyoso wants 30% taxi fare hike

JAKARTA (JP): Governor Sutiyoso said an increase in taxi fares is inevitable due to the recent 12 percent fuel hike and spiraling prices of automotive spare parts.

Sutiyoso said he would support a fare increase of up to 30 percent and not 45 percent as proposed.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday night after a meeting with disputing Matraman residents, Sutiyoso said the city administration had completed a survey to assess the public's ability to cope with a taxi fare increase.

"So far we estimated that it will be 30 percent," he said.

"I bet the fare is still affordable for taxi passengers since such transportation is mostly used by people from the middle and upper classes," he added.

The City Council on Oct. 24 endorsed a 45 percent fare hike as proposed by taxi companies in the capital and the proposal, signed by City Council speaker Edi Waluyo, has been sent to Governor Sutiyoso for approval.

However, Sutiyoso did not elaborate when the new fare would take effect. (dja)