Fri, 19 Mar 1999

Sutiyoso saked to fulfill promise on neutrality

JAKARTA (JP): Representatives from two political parties asked Governor Sutiyoso to carry out his promise to take over the 18 city-owned buildings currently occupied by the three political parties which existed during the Soeharto regime.

Amir Hamzah of the National Mandate Party (PAN) and M. Taufik of the Justice and Unity Party (PKP), told reporters on Wednesday that Sutiyoso had to fulfill his promise if he wanted to prove his administration's neutrality ahead of the June 7 general election.

Amir, head of research and development at PAN's Jakarta chapter, said if it could not take over the buildings, "the administration could give contributions to the other 45 political parties, such as giving funds for parties to rent buildings for at least one year".

According to Amir, the administration must be facing difficulties in executing Sutiyoso's promise to take over the buildings.

The administration would, for example, face legal difficulties in evicting the three political parties -- the United Development Party (PPP), Golkar and the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) -- from the buildings because they have permits issued by the city administration to occupy the buildings for at least two more years.

Taufik agreed that the administration should make the situation more equitable, saying that compensation from the administration did not have to be money to rent buildings, but could be funding for campaigns.

"This form of assistance can be negotiated further," the deputy chairman of PKP's Jakarta chapter said.

Amir and Taufik stated their opinions after attending a meeting on the rules of the upcoming election campaign at City Hall.

The governor repeatedly has vowed the administration would not play favorites among parties contesting the general election.

To prove his vow, his administration stated it would take over the 18 buildings currently occupied by PPP, PDI and Golkar.

According to administration data, Golkar occupies several buildings in the city, including buildings located on Jl. Tanah Tinggi and Jl. Pegangsaan Barat in Central Jakarta, Jl. Komarrudin in East Jakarta, Jl. Srengseng Sawah in South Jakarta, Jl. Rawa Lele in West Jakarta and Jl. Mindi in North Jakarta.

Buildings currently occupied by PPP are located on Jl. Taruna in Central Jakarta, Jl. Jatinegara Kaum and Jl. Ngurah Rai in East Jakarta, Jl. Jagakarsa in South Jakarta, Jl. H. Namin in West Jakarta and Jl. Kampung Beting in North Jakarta.

Buildings occupied by PDI are located on Jl. Kalibaru Timur in Central Jakarta, Jl. H. Naman in East Jakarta, Jl. Pasir in South Jakarta, Jl. Kopti Semanan and Jl. Joglo Raya in West Jakarta and Jl. Kesatriaan in North Jakarta.

Taufik also urged the governor to announce the status of civil servants in his administration who decided to retain their seats in political parties.

"Such action is needed so that people will know which civil servants have chosen to join political parties to avoid the possible misuse of their positions during the campaign."

Asked to comment on the demands, Sutiyoso said that he would first wait for instructions from the central government.

"The case (of taking over the buildings) has to do with the central government's policy. I can't make the policy on my own because other provinces should also have the same policy."

"It's also the same with the demand to announce the names of the civil servants who decided to join political parties." (ind)