Thu, 04 Mar 1999

Suspicious cable installation

I'm very disappointed with one of Indovision's agents. It happened one month ago when someone from "Spectrum" (their office is at Jl. Fatmawati) called at my house to install the mini- parabola from Indovision. Indovision offers all their customers a mini-parabola, including 20 meters of cable, free of charge, if the customer pays one year's subscription in advance.

As we paid for one year in advance, the installation would cost us nothing unless we had to use additional cable. The man asked me how much additional cable I had needed to install Indovision before. I told him we needed 15 meters (the cable had to be split). I never thought that this person would take advantage of my reply.

He had two helpers with him. When he finished the job he claimed to have used 15 meters of additional cable, which cost Rp 150,000. I paid it, but I was sure he must have cheated me. I had someone else check the cable and discovered he did cheat me. I called Spectrum and was told that every house needed a different length of cable, according to the situation of the house itself.

I hope that Indovision can warn their agents to render the best possible service to their customers, and make sure that customers will not become objects of fraud.