Tue, 19 Dec 2000

Surabaya unsafe, say legislators

SURABAYA: The Military/Police faction at the East Java provincial legislative council said that Surabaya, as the country's second largest city had become unsafe and unorganized.

During the factions' overview of the proposed 2001 budget, spokesman for the faction Lt. Col. Lalu Sadely said the city administration was unclear in its objectives.

Lalu said the city, with 3.2 million people, was now the center of unemployment. "Crime and violence have become commonplace."

"Public services have deteriorated," Lalu said, citing the poor supply of water. "Traffic is chaotic with poor management of parking and roadside vendors. That's what we have in Surabaya today."

When asked to comment, Surabaya mayor Soenarto Soemoprawiro said: "It's your city too. We are all responsible for it." (nur)