Tue, 30 Nov 2010


VIVAnews - The Indonesian government has outlined a plan to build the longest bridge in the world on the Sunda Strait, West Java. The final phase of the designing has reportedly been in place.

Yesterday evening, Nov 29, the government held talks with the Governor of Banten, West Java, on the issue.

"A presidential decree is what we'll be needing the most now," said Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajasa.

According to Hatta, every element required for the future bridge development is ready.

In no time, the government will set up a development board which comprises a Steering Committee and an Executive Board. A firm will be appointed by the Executive Board to realize the bridge development worth Rp 140 trillion (US$15,534,839,674).

"The budget will also be allocated for railway construction," said Hatta.
Hatta expected the structure of the bridge will have been initiated by around 2013-2014.

"I hope Indonesian engineers will be the mastermind of the development. This is our icon proving that we can also build the longest bridge on earth," said Hatta.